Devin Ellis

New Project: QWZ.ME


QWZ.ME (pronounced “Quiz Me”) is a new startup I am part of. I was asked to help out with design and development. Essentially, QWZ.ME is a simple way to create quizzes. There are no simple solutions for creating quizzes online. Most are convoluted and offer way too many features that no one is interested in. We have found a simple way to create quizzes using just a textbox.

When I began helping out, the name was “Assessments to go.” My first involvement was to design a logo. This is what we came up with.

Assessments To Go Logo

I suggested we reconsider the name — One long word with a lot of “S” (and starts with “Ass”), and two of the shortest words possible at the end. There was no way to make this look good! In fact, my first iteration of ideas was using the word “Assessments” because I got confused. So we tooled around on to find a better name. I am proud to say I came up with… wait for it:


“Playful but not cartoony.” That’s what we were going for.

We will be launching a private beta soon. Please go to to sign up and give us your feedback!

Here’s the process we went through on this logo design. I usually take the time to do hand sketches so as to not “lock myself in” to selecting fonts and stuff. But this was a quick job so that we would have something for the beta launch.