Devin Ellis

Rockin’ the web since ‘98.

I am a ‘Señor’ Software Engineer working at Moz in downtown Seattle. For the past two years I've been leading the development of, which includes the marketing site, blog, user accounts, billing, subscription and fraud management, and more. Beyond that I have worked with my team to build various other sites and services from single sign-on to in-app notification systems.

As the first hire of a newly-formed team, I was able to help shape our group to what the company needed: engineers who delivered quickly and efficiently, willing to work with others to meet company objectives—not just work through a punchlist.

I have a degree in Graphic Design from University of Washington, which has helped me work with designers to produce solid results that are both pleasing and not a pain to build.

Before college I lived most of my life in Chile and Ecuador, which explains some of the spanish at the bottom of the list below!

I built my first website when I was 11, and never really stopped.

Example Work

Some of these are really old, don't judge!


A.K.A some stuff I write that no one reads

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